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Futurist, Aaron Pascoe will challenge the audience to think differently about what the future holds.

Aaron believes that the biggest blockage to seeing future possibilities and risks is the limitation of own perspectives and assumptions. Aaron’s work is called "strategic foresight" or "futures forecasting,” Aaron is one of the more well-versed futurists.

His ability to identify socioeconomic, geopolitical, media and business trends is a science to him.

Aaron is a passionate specialist in farming. Moreover, he has huge knowledge about farming techniques, working and caring for livestock. He loves animals and loves to take care of them. In his farm he has a large number of animals including sheep, chickens, turkeys, and cows.

Over the years working with farm machinery and animals, he was inspired to develop the GGOE Gearbox.  

In his role as a futurist he will advise senior executives at companies and large corporations the and overseas & leaders within organizations. Aaron is an experience enthusiast, so when he’s not working, he’s usually traveling somewhere off the beaten path or trying out a new activity.

Aaron is an enthusiastic businessperson and is well known as a leading authority on restless innovation & new ways of thinking.